IS21 - Production

This software module provides support to processes in all phases of production, from preparation work, writing and billing work orders to account calculations and invoice preparation. Its reviews and analyses enable quality monitoring of profitability and costs of production. The main features of the production module are:

  • entry and writing of work orders independently or on the basis of customer orders for after-sale or other services
  • copying of the work order structure from the customer’s order (including specification)
  • writing of work order is connected with the technological procedure and the product tally
  • management of ordered and performed services and used material, machine requirements and contractors
  • printout of product documentation (bill of materials, transport orders, machine requirements and machine drawings, staff requirements and worksheets)
  • budget calculation per selected price
  • account calculation per work order
  • planning of procurement of required materials
  • time overview of the use of materials, machines and operators
  • monitoring the production process for the final product
  • entry of actual hours of workers and working facilities
  • preparation of data for issuing invoices from work order
  • automatic calculation of work orders
  • analysis of production by project

IS21 - Sales

This module is intended for companies which sell their products, semi-products or services. It can be used independently or in conjunction with other IS21modules. The main features within the module include:

  • drawing up of quotations
  • drawing up of quotations with specifications (structure of operations which ensures execution of the service)
  • contracts, periodic and partial supplies, periodic charging by contract (situations)
  • customer orders for services, material and products
  • customer orders with specifications (and subsequent copying of structure into work order)
  • invoicing
  • entry, updating, printout and cancellation of issued invoices, prepayment invoices, credit notes and debit notes
  • issue of invoice on the basis of quotation, order, dispatch note or charged work order
  • printout of invoices in standard form on blank or pre-printed paper
  • entry and overview of rebates, taxes, tariff groups and automatic calculation of tax
  • book of issued invoices by number, account, designation, date, issued invoices by areas and clients
  • book of issued invoices by VAT requirements
  • transfer of the journal into bookkeeping and general ledger
  • overview and printout of turnover by cost centres, buyers, items and invoices
  • printouts of turnover by clients, items, groups of items, by designations on invoices
  • invoicing by cost centres and projects