Information system IS21

The business informatics group has many years of experience in the field of business informatics. In developing the information system IS21 we have combined knowledge and experience in the field of business functions with new technological skills.


Brief description of the system, development and operational environment

The integrated information systemIS21 is composed of modules, which enables simple gradual introduction of the system. As the system isintegrated, every business event is entered only once.

Our development environment is composed of tools for the analysis of business processes and data model planning (PowerDesigner), tools for the development of object-oriented software (PowerBuilder) and relational database data (Microsoft SQLServer).

The required computer architecture is represented by network servers with the Microsoft Windows operating system and the relational database Microsoft SQL, as well as workstations with the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Finances and accounting module

Efficient support to financial and accounting processes in the company is provided by a set of several software modules, which are the solid foundation of the entire information system IS21, and into which data from all other modules flows.

General ledger with customer and supplier balances
Capture of received invoices and liquidation of invoices
Value added tax return with books of received and issued invoices
Cash operations
Calculation of interest
Fixed assets
Staff register

Production module

This software module provides support to processes in all phases of production, from preparation work, writing and billing work orders to account calculations and invoice preparation.

Bill of material (BOM) and technological procedures
Production processing
Planning and termination of production

Material and warehouse management

This software module supports warehouse management processes, making it transparent and as easy to use as possible. 

Material planning

Procurement module

One of the key elements to good control over expenses is a well-organized purchasing department, equipped with the right tools. Our software module IS21 - Procurement is exactly that.


Sales module

This module is intended for companies which sell their products, semi-products or services. It can be used independently or in conjunction with other IS21 modules.

Sales of services and products

Specific modules

Utility services