About the company

We are an established Slovenian company in the area of information solutions development.We have been active since 2001,and our experience in the area of information technologies and business systems management extends a few decades longer than that.Being user-oriented, we know how to listen to their wishes, and for them we developed the comprehensive, technologically-advanced and modular business information system IS21.

Our mission

We provide solutions in the area of information technologies for comprehensive support to all business processes in a company. Our highly-specialised vertical applications for mass billing and production activities are also suitable for the most challenging environments.

Our vision

By providing quality and technologically-advanced comprehensive solutions, with user-orientation and a superb team of experts, we want to expand our leading position among providers of information solutions in the region to a global area.

Our vision is realised:

  • By providing quality and technologically-advanced comprehensive solutions;
  • By user orientation – we believe that by applying our solutions companies can perform their work with more quality, more successfully, more easily and with more competitive edge. The classic client-contractor relationship is changed into a partner relationship;
  • By caring for employees – we know that the knowledge, creativity andindustriousness of employees form the foundation of a successful company.


V podjetju 3 TAV vam ponujamo prednost pred vašo konkurenco. Do danes so nam že zaupala številna velika podjetja v Sloveniji in na Hrvaškem. Z našimi programi za masovni obračun izdajo letno preko 3.000.000 računov, ki pridejo povprečno v vsako drugo slovensko gospodinjstvo.