Solutions for utility companies

Billing of utility services can also be quick and easy.

Do you want to know how? 

Back in the day we needed a few days for billing of utility services. We had to manually recalculate and for each new service we wanted to bill, we had to order expensive program updates.

With our new software everything is easier. Billing is done within minutes and all complex consumption calculations of data are done by system.


What is the secret?

For the application development we used the modern CASE tool in PowerBuilder, and we selected the Microsoft SQL server for data storage. Most operations are executed on the SQL server in the form of data processes. In this way, the application runs quick and reliable also on personal computers (clients).


User logs

The program enables customer master data management, data of the consumption places, the list of services and billing for customers, standing orders, viewing consumption at the consumption places, issued invoices and the statement of account. It also enables partner bookmarking and keeping e-mail addresses, web pages, etc.


Consumption places

Managing consumption places is easy. For each consumption place all subordinate consumption places (measuring devices) are displayed, as well as all percentage subdivisions. All events on consumption places can be extracted and displayed in a separate table of notes. Capturing power consumption is the simplest when using manual terminals. A friendly interface for the preparation and posting of readings is provided for this. However, we can also post or exchange measuring readings of devices manually, making sure that the entry is quick and reliable and that the program alerts us for possible errors.

Different forms of billing

The software enables various charging methods. It knows all combinations of main, deductive and additive metering devices at several levels. In months when meters are not read, it can charge advance payments, and upon reading it recoups differences or creates overpayments. The difference between the main or deductive meters can be distributed in various ways: in terms of percentage by consumption, by area, uniformly or according to other parameters. Meter consumption, meter power or contractual quantities may be observed in the statement of accounts of services.Statements of accounts can be regular monthly, single, annual, half-yearly or limited by date.



Invoices may be prepared and printed in various forms, such as regular, summary or special money order forms. It is also possible to prepare a file for printout of special money order forms, or a file for automatic direct debit. There are also various other printouts available: invoiced and paid turnover, analysis by various groups of services, systems, towns, municipalities, profit centres or other classifications.