IS21 - Salaries

The salaries module enables the calculation of all types of payments for employees and outworkers (salary, other benefits, holiday allowances, fees for independent work, work contract, rent, services with agricultural machinery, etc.).

  • preparation of data for payroll accounting
  • electronic money transfer
  • payment orders
  • collectioncentre
  • supplementary pension insurance
  • printout of prescribed documents
  • payroll
  • recapitulation
  • lists for money transfers
  • journals
  • control printouts
  • all the required printouts of forms and data exports required by legislation or external partners (personal income tax, M4, statistics,…)
  • parameters and rules for the calculation of individual items can be adjusted by any user for themselves
  • entering data for calculation per individual organisational units with a limited set of items and authorisation

IS21 - Staff register

Enables management of data on employed workers, retired persons and others according to defined employment relationships. Annual leaves can be set for a group of selected workers, or by entering an individual worker. Also, the register enables the management of job classification and all types of training.

  • management of employee data: personal information, education and employment information, calculation of length of employment, past records of employees with reduced length of service in the company, vacations, qualifications, training and the management of the costs thereof, family members, health conditions with insurances, official notes, history of jobs in the company
  • management of data on workplaces: basic information, tasks, specifics and risks, means of protection, required skills and professions, history of workers at a specific workplace
  • management of training information: type, area, purpose, form, contractor, place, duration, cost, lists of participants
  • overviews and printouts by workers, workplaces and training, by various criteria
  • structured extracts
  • compiling and reviewing documents: internal (contracts, decisions, invitations, notifications, resolutions) and prescribed documents (M1-M3,M-DČ)
  • custom printouts, where a user creates the content of the printout themselves