IS21 - Monitoring of accounts receivable

This software module is intended for the efficient control and recovery of unpaid invoices. It is composed of the following sections: calculation of interest, overdue reminders, printouts of open items and full debt collection service.
  • compound and simple method of calculation
  • determining the method of calculation and source of interest rate in general and separately by invoices
  • control calculation of interest on display
  • extract of interest charge with optional accompanying text
  • specified display of revaluation and real interest
  • automatic preparation of journals from the interest charge
  • monitoring current and due receivables, reminding clients
  • making of overdue reminders by levels
  • batch printing, individual printing of overdue reminders and debit notes
  • managing statuses of accounting entries (overdue reminders and applicable interest; in preparation for overdue reminders, and applicable interest; lawsuits; eliminated from overdue reminders, and applicable interest;...)
  • connection/disconnection of take-off points, partners
  • printout of overdue reminders, IOP forms on an optional date


IS21 - Full debt collection service

  • keeping records of clients whose debts are handed over for enforcement, managing costs which occur in relation to the enforcement
  • preparation of journal for package of accounting entries handed over for enforcement
  • calculation of interest for overdue receivables which were handed over for enforcement
  • bulk submission of documents for multiple debtors/overdue receivables in package form
  • the package is prepared in the form of an XML file with all the required data