IS21 - Material and warehouse management

This software module supports warehouse management processes, making it transparent and as easy to use as possible. The main features of the module are:

  • recording of stock turnover by standard types of items (complemented by "best practice" examples)
  • inventory management according to applicable accounting standards
  • monthly billing with the creation of a journal
  • execution of annual and extraordinary inventories
  • reports on stocks, products, warehouses and other key information (account, cost centre)
  • AdHocfunctionality for making very fast printouts
  • records of planned transactions of stocks, provisions, ordered stock
  • analysis of stock movement (in terms of time, quantity)

IS21 - Material planning

The material planning module was developed on the basis of the latest guidelines in the area of material planning and enables planning of gross and net stocks. The data for planning is drawn from several areas of the IS21system, and provides the user with simple analysis for an individual product. The module includes the following features:
  • insight into the areas of procurement, sales, stocks and production
  • analysis of an individual report by product
  • deterministic plan of material needs
  • creation of procurement reports with the possibility of transfer to purchase orders

IS21 - Procurement

One of the key elements to good control over expenses is a well-organized purchasing department, equipped with the right tools. Our software module IS21 - Procurement is exactly that. The main features of the module include:

  • price lists (prices by suppliers)
  • demand to suppliers
  • contracts
  • order forms of materials and services
  • reports and overviews (realised orders, price analysis by various keys, by acceptance forms, purchasing officers, suppliers, material codes, etc.)