IS21 - Billing and services

Joint invoice? Our information system makes it possible.We have met the challenges of the market and, in addition to billing for the basic public utility services (water charges, sewerage collection, treatment of sewage, waste disposal, etc.), we have also developed specifically adapted solutions for billing gas and electricity.

What is the secret? User-adjusted billing

The software enables various charging methods. It knows all combinations of main, deductive and additive metering devices at several levels. In months when meters are not read, it can charge advance payments, and upon reading it recoups differences or creates overpayments. The difference between the main or deductive meters can be distributed in various ways: in terms of percentage by consumption, by area, uniformly or according to other parameters. Meter consumption, meter power or contractual quantities may be observed in the statement of accounts of services. Statements of accounts can be regular monthly, single, annual, half-yearly or limited by date.

Issue of invoices

Invoices may be prepared and printed in various forms, such as regular, summary or special money order forms. It is also possible to prepare a file for printout of special money order forms, or a file for automatic direct debit. There are also various other printouts available: invoiced and paid turnover, analysis by various groups of services, systems, towns, municipalities, profit centres or other classifications.

Let’s connect!

Due to the modular design of the billing software, it is easily integrated into other information systems.For this purpose, we have developed a number of interfaces:

  • SAP interface for the exchange of business partners, invoices, balances and interest
  • Connection with the document system, in which can be recorded various documents, such as contracts, complaints, electronic invoices in the form of XML formats
  • GIS interface, which provides various GIS systems with access to data from the IS21 system

Offer more

Thanks to IS21 you can offer your users more. With the help of our web portal, you can provide the users of your service with an insight into their master data, contracting provisions, issued invoices and bookkeeping card. Via the portal they can post their meter readings or enter percentage divisions for shared meters.

And here, more than in any other module, the right choice of tools and database is very important. We back the Microsoft database platform MS SQL server and Sybase’s PowerDesigner tools for process planning and data model planning, and PowerBuilder to produce robust customer/server type or three-level applications, with the use of the Sybase application server. The applications developed with these tools are robust, user-friendly and capable of quick processing of large quantities of data. The openness of the system enables low cost for the adjustment and production of additional functionalities.

We know our buyers

The software package includes a number of records which enable comprehensive management of customer data, contact persons, connections, consents, contracts, metering (sampling) points, power, containers, services, cost distribution, meters, notes, various documentation, etc.

Fast and simple capture of accounting data

The software supports different methods of capture of meter usage and other accounting quantities. It includes interfaces for radio reading of meters, capture of usage via web portals or capture of data on the frequency of transport of waste containers via online services. All these data are controlled before accounting in the system, with regard to expected and past quantities, and with regard to external temperatures and other influences. On the basis of deviations and indexes, a list of potential faults is formed, which can be further focussed on.