Director-analytical system

Analyzing the key performance indicators of the company and timely determining trends or forecasting future results is crucial for the successful management of the company. Our director-analytical information system is the right tool for achieving these goals. The system is deployed on web portal and is based on Microsoft's MS SQL Analysis Services and Reporting Services. We have added many tools that simplify work with reports, so that they are suitable for all levels of management in the company. The system is open, so that users can also include their reports in the portal and thus further enrich its functionality.
  • list of prepared reports and OLAP cubes
  • user based authorization of reports
  • creating query parameters and saving settings by user
  • smart parameters ('THIS_MONTH', 'LAST_MONTH', 'THIS_YEAR', 'LAST_YEAR', etc.)
  • setting alarms according to the content of individual reports (red light in the report)
  • sending reports and alarms on schedule by e-mail in PDF or XLS format or as a shortcut to a report on a web server
  • easily create new reports
  • grouping reports by area and by the most commonly used
  • personalized reports
    • all required information with one click
    • already preset parameters
    • parameter correction and "Save As" option
    • sending reports by e-mail
    • alarm settings

Some examples of classic reports and alarms:

  • largest customers (N largest and total for others)
  • largest vendors (N largest and total for others)
  • various balance sheets
  • predicted income and outgoings
  • cash flow

OLAP analysis

The base module includes the following OLAP cubes: 

  • finances (analysis of all data in the general ledger - analytical and synthetic data across all dimensions: customer, account, cost center, projects, investments, arbitrarily formed account groups for reporting such as balance sheet, profit and loss, cash flow, etc.)
  • invoiced and paid realization
  • work orders
  • salaries